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What Makes an Ethical Company?

We believe that the money you spend every day can have a positive effect and that you have the right to know that your money isn't doing any harm. We find the companies that tick these boxes whilst still being affordable with a great customer experience. Individually, here are just some of the factors we consider:

Power providers

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Reasons renewable

Renewable Energy

Reasons leaf

Carbon Emissions

Reasons csg

No CSG investment

Reasons ombudsman

Ombudsman complaints

Reasons smiley

Customer experience

Reasons contract

Favourable contracts

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Super Funds

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Reasons renewable energy green

Renewable Energy

Reasons education green


Reasons healthcare green


Reasons fossil fuels red

Fossil fuel divestment

Reasons weapons red


Reasons tobacco red


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Home loans new!

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Reasons renewable energy green

Renewable Energy

Reasons medical science green

Medical science

Reasons responsible banking green

Responsible banking

Reasons logging red


Reasons exploitation red

Human rights abuses

Reasons gambling red


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Our Charity Partners

We donate over 80% of our profits to our charity partners! Every time you make a switch, we make a donation.

How ethical is your power company?

"Switching our power was incredibly simple and quick"

"Switching our power was incredibly simple and quick. Ethical Switch had all the facts and within 5 minutes we had a new electricity provider that we felt we could trust in terms of environmental impact and pricing. Ethical Switch saved us money and time and gave us peace of mind by doing all of the hard work for us."
- Vidi Chandra, Concentric Circles
"...seriously, it took me only 5 minutes to save money AND do my bit towards the planet by swapping to a more ethical power supplier. What can I ethically switch to next???"
- Anna Rogers, HUB Group
"Switching to a better product couldn't get any easier! In a few simple clicks I was all set up with a new energy provider. And the best part is that you get that provider to make a donation to a good cause just because you've made the switch!"
- Elza Carciu

Our Story

Ethical Switch began because we noticed something. No matter how hard we try, the task of consuming ethically is difficult and time-consuming. Our purpose is to help busy people discover companies that align better with their personal values.

Through our research, we empower consumers with the information needed to make their ethical choices. We then provide a simple, online and fast switch.

Our focus is with core household spending –electricity, superannuation and soon to be released, banking! Choosing more ethical providers can vastly reduce personal carbon footprints and helps reward companies that are doing better business.

Unlike other comparison websites, we only offer switches to companies that rate more highly across a range of ethical considerations. We also made sure that a vast portion of our profits go to our charity partners - every time somebody makes a switch, we donate.

Based in Melbourne, we were incubated by a group of passionate volunteers in 2014. The heart of our business is to empower our awesome not-for-profit partners and that's why we donate over 90% of our profits!

Our team:

Sam – passionate about “business for purpose”, holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School and has worked in the comercial and not-for-profit sectors.

Tam – worked for 14 years in the energy markets with a passion for renewable energy. Has founded multiple social enterprises in Australia and Africa.

Dan – aims to make the world a better place through technology, has worked with multiple not-for-profits to give their dreams a digital voice.

We hope you enjoy our service and that after you've made your first switch you'll agree that switching never felt better.