How effective is Instagram for businesses

How effective is Instagram for businesses

Every small and large business considers using Instagram as one of the most potent social media tools for promotion and marketing. It can be used to collect information about public perceptions, sell products, and promote new services. Instagram is always adding new features and tools to assist company owners. Here are a few reasons why


Touchpoint: what is it, how to create the best in 4 steps

When we are working with the sales team of park view, we know that we have many contact attempts (touchpoints) to run in our daily lives. There are countless types: calls, emails, contacts via social media, and WhatsApp. In addition to all the meetings that are on our agenda. It is a very big challenge


3 group dynamics for negotiation: train your salespeople in a practical way

Group dynamics is a very common practice in selection processes. Who has never seen themselves “paying” a few monkeys and giving their all to stand out in a selection process? But group dynamics can also be used to motivate teams and improve skills, whether sales techniques, teamwork, negotiation and many others. Bonus: make your team

Good Salesperson

16 Characteristics of a Good Salesperson You Need to Develop

TEA: An acronym for knowledge, skill, and attitude. This is how HR professionals define the characteristics of a good professional. Check out the 16 we selected, many of them based on studies from major universities. Sales spreadsheet kit to plan, motivate your team and not lose information 3 types of a spreadsheet with ready-made formulas


7 examples of leaders you should follow

Do you want to become an example of a leader? Check out the first steps to reach the path According to American scholar Warren Bennis, leadership can be defined as the ability to translate vision into reality. There were countless examples of leaders in history, from military conflicts and humanitarian projects, which turned into lessons for the

Customer agenda

Customer agenda: advantage or disadvantage?

Do you really know the role of a customer agenda in your sales process? Understanding the purpose of this tool is essential to using it in the best way possible. Also, it is a way to know if only the customer schedule will be enough to handle the sales flow as a whole and record all the necessary

Sales Opportunity

5 Tips to Improve Sales Opportunity Management and Increase Results

Do you want ideas to increase your company’s sales? Offer your team the perspective of the best opportunities There are many ways to increase sales without having to increase investments. For example, all you need to do is make better use of opportunities. Increasing sales doesn’t always mean increasing your team, increasing your marketing investments, or increasing

Negotiation Strategies

Negotiation Strategies to Not Reduce Prices

Do your customers complain about your price constantly? Discover negotiation strategies to change the speech and close the sale Imagine the following scene: You are at the end of your sales pitch and everything is going well. The customer is smiling, you’ve made a great proposal, and you’re ready to place the order. At the perfect time,