Customer agenda

Customer agenda: advantage or disadvantage?

Do you really know the role of a customer agenda in your sales process? Understanding the purpose of this tool is essential to using it in the best way possible. Also, it is a way to know if only the customer schedule will be enough to handle the sales flow as a whole and record all the necessary


7 examples of leaders you should follow

Do you want to become an example of a leader? Check out the first steps to reach the path According to American scholar Warren Bennis, leadership can be defined as the ability to translate vision into reality. There were countless examples of leaders in history, from military conflicts and humanitarian projects, which turned into lessons for the

Negotiation Strategies

Negotiation Strategies to Not Reduce Prices

Do your customers complain about your price constantly? Discover negotiation strategies to change the speech and close the sale Imagine the following scene: You are at the end of your sales pitch and everything is going well. The customer is smiling, you’ve made a great proposal, and you’re ready to place the order. At the perfect time,

employer branding

Employer branding: attract, engage and retain the best talent

Data from studies and surveys have increasingly shown the importance of employer branding in attracting and retaining talent. According to a  survey released by Mind Miners, a third of millennials (also known as the “Generation Y”, people born between the mid-1980s and late 90s) even though they are satisfied with their current job, plan to change

online management

The commercial area of ​​a company deserves to use an online management application

How do you control your trading performance? Are you a fan of new technologies, or are you still using the same notebook and spreadsheets you used 20 years ago? Nothing against spreadsheets. For many, many years they were the greatest resource a sales team had to control its performance, the sales process and the stage of the



What is BCG Matrix? What is it for and how to do it No, we are not talking about some kind of triple vaccine. If you want to know what BCG is, you also need to understand the concept of BCG matrix and its origins.  It all started in the early 70s when Bruce Henderson developed for the renowned consulting firm BCG –

customer service:

Types of customer service: which is the best?

From traditional customer service to customer service 2.0, see how to serve your customers through the various available channels With points of contact with consumers becoming more and more comprehensive, the types of customer service have diversified widely, encompassing what many call the Omni Channel: serving customers through the most diverse communication channels, starting with service

high-performance team

Creating a high-performance team: what are the secrets?

We live in a reality of inconstancy where changes are so frequent that they suppress any possibility of self-indulgence. Therefore, creating a high-performance team can be essential for your business: it makes it possible to maintain satisfactory performance even in the face of adversity. The truth is that, especially in the business sphere, if you are

Cohort Analysis

Cohort Analysis: what is it and how to use it in the business process?

Selling is increasingly an exact science, where dice play an important role in ensuring commercial success. This is because, despite the strong human role in this activity, it is increasingly the analysis of structured information that guarantees the closing of the deal and financial sustainability. Sales spreadsheet kit to plan, motivate your team and not