CRM customer management

More than just registering and organizing, CRM in customer management must win, retain and increase sales volume

When the sales team of Lahore smart city decides to use a CRM system for customer management, its goals are clear:

  1. Sell ​​more to current customers:
    1. more times
    2. Larger values ​​(average ticket)
    3. for a longer period of time
  2. win new customers

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How does CRM in customer management do this?

Knowing your real customer, their real needs and desires, so you can predict what they want, to design irresistible offers, those that delight anyone!

Some words you should include in your CRM glossary:

  • to meet
  • Proximity
  • Desire
  • surprise
  • enchant
  • Loyalty

No, this is not an “afternoon session” romantic comedy script, this is your business! It’s about increasing revenuesprofits and resultsefficiently, effectively, and profitably!

Do you want to know all the CRM secrets in customer management, health or illness, wealth or poverty, until only death separates you from your customer?

CRM customer management

Delight and surprise your customer and he will be loyal

So do two things:

First, download our complete Kit for your company deploy CRM success, which includes an e-book, 2 articles a finished presentation to train your staff, and a lecture video of Tony Robbins, presented at TED.

Afterward, read this post with everything you need to know about managing customers with CRM!

Sell ​​much more with a CRM in your company’s customer management

Contrary to what many people think, CRM is not just software. It is important that the difference between the CRM tool and the CRM strategy is clear.

The strategy is an intelligent way of managing the relationship with the customer (Customer Relationship Management, in English), to know him deeply and deliver exactly what he is looking for, in a surprising way, always leading him by your side, in a relationship of balance and mutual trust.

Knowing is being close and always walking with the customer

But, it’s not because you don’t necessarily need an application to manage these activities that you should continue to do manual controls or employ Excel customer data sheets and other (less evolved) beginner practices.

Think of it like this: do you run email campaigns using your own account and adding lists manually, “blind copy”, or do you use a free email sending tool like Mail chimp, for example?

Well, regardless of your answer, the right thing is to use technology – even more at no cost! – To make an email marketing campaign that spreads and gives results, which will always bring more motivation and productivity to your business. After all, who doesn’t like to use something free and still get amazing results?

And if you’re wondering where to find a CRM or registration system of free clients for an indefinite period, not just for a month, click the link below, check, and then continue reading our post, ok?

Agenda or is a free CRM system that helps tens of thousands of salespeople organize and increase sales daily.

So we’ve just debunked the first myth, that a CRM system for customer management is expensive.

Now, let’s get to the secrets of CRM:

Predictions Regarding Lahore Smart City

5 tips on how to sell more with CRM

What we know about our customers is that they are often suspicious of sales arguments full of promises and theories that later turn out to be ineffective.

So we’re going to be very practical, let’s get straight to the point:

1- How to sell more to current customers: make the perfect offer

If you truly know your customers’ needs, you can provide them with exactly what they need. The 5 questions your CRM system will answer for you are:

  • Who wants
  • What you want
  • how much do you want to pay
  • when do you want to buy
  • How/Where do you want to buy

Thus, in the case of an email marketing campaign (whether B2C or B2B), you can segment your customers ( who ), define different offers for each segment ( what ), with different prices, discounts, and payment methods ( how much ), send at different times of the year, days, and even different times ( when ) and directing customers to different points of sale: physical store, link to e-commerce, telemarketing, “schedule a visit”, etc. ( How/Where ).

And, in the case of consultative sales for companies, this can work even better, with your salesperson going to visit your client already knowing everything he needs (sometimes even with a ready-made proposal or budget, to show just in case he thinks that got it right), demonstrating knowledge of his business and the market, generating confidence in using his solution to cure his pain and admiration for his company.

That’s what we mean when we talk about “surprising” the customer.

2- How to sell more to current customers: follow-up without holes

Ever missed a sale because you forgot to return a phone call, didn’t send in a quote on time, or didn’t remember a meeting and showed up totally unprepared?

A good CRM system automatically sends alerts and reminders about all your salespeople’s appointments.

3- How to sell more to current customers: after-sales

A quality CRM system has all the information you need, including to help with after-sales and customer service in two ways: if a customer calls complaining about something, the attendant can access the CRM and check the datesspecificationsresponsible salesperson, etc., in an agile and efficient way, surprising the customer once again.

In addition, it is possible to discover inactive customers and define tactics and campaigns to bring them back.

CRM customer management

What would your customer love to gain? Discover and use in loyalty campaigns!

4- How to sell more to current customers: loyalty

Loyalty does not (only) mean creating a card with the customer’s name and giving him rewards when he accumulates a certain amount of points.

For this to work, you need to define awards that really delight and surprise your target audience. A CRM system in customer management can give you all the information you need to determine, among other factors:

  • How long on average will people take to qualify for the awards;
  • What “awards” would you like to win;
  • Scoring rules that will make the most profitable customers win more often;
  • Create mechanisms that help you diversify your salesovercome seasonality or sell higher-margin products.

5- How to win new customers and sell more

To close our tips, we explain how to win new customers with CRM.

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