customer loyalty campaign

A customer loyalty campaign aims to make purchases more valuable and recurring for a long time

But, after all, why is there so much talk about customer loyalty campaigns? What is the purpose of all this?

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Before we talk about this topic, it is important to define a fundamental aspect:

What is a loyal customer?

Many confuse loyalty with consumption habits. Understand with this example:

A housewife always buys the same brand of coffee for her family. When he goes to the supermarket, he searches until he finds it and always buys the same one.

If she is a loyal customer, if one day she goes to her favorite supermarket and doesn’t find the brand she loves, she won’t buy another one. He will move to another establishment and look for the one he trusts.

regular customer, on the other hand, will not only compare another brand, in case of shortages but, if there is a tempting promotion, will also replace the product.

And the same goes for B2B or B2C advisory services or sales.

The loyal customer will always look for the solution that best meets your company’s needs, even if it is a little more expensive.

And as for end consumers, two famous examples of brands that have extreme customer loyalty are Apple Computers, the famous Macs, and Harley Davidson motorcycles.

These Apple consumers often face hours at storefronts to be the first to buy certain releases, and Harley Davidson idols worship the brand almost like a religion.

In this case, they are loyal customers, who not only prefer the brand, but also recommend it, and may even reach the level of brand lawyers, who defend it from speaking ill of it.

Loyalty is sharing your brand with your love – Source: G1

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How to make a customer loyalty campaign

Let’s present some important points that must be mastered so that customer loyalty campaigns bring the expected results.

Objectives of a customer loyalty campaign

Saying that the goal is to bring more revenue to the company does not completely answer this question. A detail about customer loyalty campaigns is that they increase the company’s revenue in several ways:

  • They encourage customers to buy larger amounts (average ticket);
  • Customers are more likely to buy more often ;
  • Your customers tend to have a long relationship with you.

Get this: by buying larger amounts, more often and for a longer period, customer loyalty campaigns have an incredible potential to make your revenue grow!

But those aren’t the only goals! They also help to gain customers, and for several reasons:

  • How often are aided systems (CRM Relationship Management with Customer), you get information about your current customers, which allows us to draw potential customer profiles and offer exactly what they seek;
  • Loyal customers often refer your product or service to other customers;
  • Regular or sporadic customers can become loyal due to the advantages offered by your loyalty campaign.

As you can see, the goals are far more complex than simply increasing your revenue. Loyalty is carrying your brand’s logo on your skin

One of the secrets of customer loyalty campaigns is to know them so well that your company is able to surprise them by creating offers that perfectly fit their wants and needs, at the right time!

Advantages of a loyalty campaign for customers

When creating a customer loyalty action, in addition to the objectives mentioned above, other advantages are generated for the company and for the brand, check out some of them:

  • Greater exposure and brand awareness;
  • Service companies are able to “realize” some benefits;
  • Word of mouth advertising on social networks;
  • Customers have a closer interaction with the brand, generating affinity;
  • It creates new points of contact with the customer, usually through emails, the campaign website and the loyalty card itself;
  • The software normally used in this type of action accumulates valuable information about its consumer;
  • Loyalty adds value to your brand.

Loyalty takes time and is an attitude, a culture that must be implanted in the company to get to know customers better

Tips for running a customer loyalty campaign

The first thing that the entrepreneur or manager must keep in mind is that loyalty is not only done with campaigns of this type. On the contrary: loyalty takes time and is an attitude, a culture that must be implanted in the company in order to get to know customers better and meet their needs in a surprising way.

Every marketing plan of a company must have loyalty elements.

That said, let’s go to the tips to make your customer loyalty campaign:

  • Choose rewards that your customer really values ​​and wants;
  • Set clear rules on how to accumulate points;
  • Create a website to exchange points for prizes;
  • Hire a professional designer so that the corporate visual identity of your business is correctly portrayed, both on the website and in other communication materials;
  • Apply CRM and its concepts when designing the campaign;
  • Make the most of the information collected;
  • Create a beautiful loyalty card with quality materials;
  • Use the collected information to correct course if necessary;
  • Hire a lawyer or count on the support of the legal department to respect all legal rules (very complex) for this type of marketing activity.

What to do to retain the customer?

  • Appreciate the highest quality service;
  • Provide an unforgettable shopping experience;
  • Have a very well-trained team ready to solve problems;
  • Focus on customer satisfaction;
  • Be transparent and flexible in communication;
  • Create loyalty programs with exclusive offers and benefits;
  • Anticipate the customer’s needs and desires;
  • Create empathy and identification at the time of service
  • Make your customer feel accepted and understood;
  • Be open to suggestions and criticism.

Customer loyalty goals

The main objective of customer loyalty is to constantly increase sales and customer retention at a low cost. A good loyalty campaign promotes the relationship between your company and your customers, encourages them to buy from you more often, and prevents them from even thinking about changing brands.

What is customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty defines the process of retaining customers who have already been acquired in order to keep them buying your products or services. One of the most efficient strategies for customer loyalty is building a long-term relationship and personalized experience.