Commissions and bonuses are the most traditional ways to motivate salespeople.

In fact, they are part of the remuneration. Despite having a motivational factor, the seller already has them.

So, if you want to boost your team’s motivation, check out some motivational actions for the sales team that can complement your efforts in search of better team performance.

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6 actions to motivate the sales force

1. Launch of sales plan + internal campaign

According to the experienced team of capital smart city Islamabad, This is one of the best salesforce motivation actions your company can do.

First of all, when doing your sales planning, involve some key team members.

Also, make it clear to the sales force that an incredible sales plan is being created and that everyone’s suggestions are welcome.

You can create a suggestion box, make an appointment one day a week to receive ideas from people interested in helping, or use an online internal communication form to do so.

The important thing is to create an atmosphere of suspense about what this new sales plan might bring and how it will help the team to sell more.

So, on the day of launching the sales plan, have a big event. Put together a presentation of new products to be launched, sales support materials, online or other media campaigns, promotions, numbers from the previous year, and goals for the coming year.

And, at the end, when everyone is excited about the news, launch the sales incentive plan.

Create ways to score based on achieved goals and show the sales force that in addition to the usual commissions and bonuses, they can win more fun and aspirational prizes, such as trips, dinners, electronic devices, and even cars, if your budget allows.

By showing that your strategic effort to plan the new sales plan has not neglected the recognition and due reward to your salespeople, they will feel prestigious and highly motivated!

See an example of a film to publicize an internal sales campaign:

Of course, your company may not be able to offer prizes as incredible as these. But make your campaign fit your budget and offer rewards that are somehow meaningful to your team.

2. Motivational lecture

It may not be as spectacular as the sales force motivation actions described above, but a good sales motivational speech delivered at the right time always gives your salespeople a boost.

Especially if the speaker knows how to excite the audience and bring really relevant information and content to the sales team.

Alternative: motivational film!

Doesn’t your budget allow you to hire a speaker like these?


You can use a sales motivation film, present it to the team in a “Guarani popcorn” session, and then start a discussion about the topic.

Create a slideshow to lead this film discussion work and its sales motivation lessons.

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3. Cash management

Cash management is one of the most effective actions to motivate the sales force.

In this strategy, the individual performance indicators of each employee are shared publicly on a dashboard for all to see.

Software is typically used to collect this data in real-time and display it on a video monitor.

But you can even use spreadsheets like Excel or Google Sheets for this.

When noticing their position in the performance ranking, salespeople start to strive more and more to achieve their goals and stand out within the team.

4. Gasification

Gasification means aggregating typical game elements, such as scores, medals, “tags”, trophies, levels of excellence, and others, in activities that have nothing to do with games.

Thus, these activities become more interesting and motivating.

In sales, this is very easy to do, offering these elements mentioned according to the performance of your employees.

Check out this Business School video that talks a lot about gasification:

5. Variable benefit basket depending on results

Financial assistance for courses (including school for dependents) or discount at the gym and movie tickets?

In fact, are discounted medications and a better health plan this employee’s preference?

Is a stronger food card and a fuel ticket the desire of others?

This action of encouraging sellers allows them to choose what additional benefits they will receive. All this depending on your performance.

6. Implementation of the Funnel of Dreams

The Funnel of Dreams is an innovative tool designed to give a boost in the motivation of the sales force. It is a simple and easy-to-use system that crosses information on each seller’s performance with their personal dream (which can range from a trip to homeownership).

From the supply of this data, the system creates a dashboard that relates the sales volume with the standard percentage of the salesperson and the cost of realizing the dream within the predetermined period.

With this, the entire sales force can work guided by its own result: the realization of a big dream!

Integrating the actions to motivate the sales force of management insight, gasification and variable benefits basket can and be a little complex, but it will certainly bring excellent results.