how to be a good sales leader

Do you think you are a good sales team leader or just manage results? See what you need to be an excellent business leader

Effective sales management can be the difference between a sales organization that thrives and a mediocre company that never gets off the ground.

However, many sales managers still confuse their job description with something that is even more important to sales success: leadership.

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How to be a good sales team leader?

One of the best definitions of leadership, applied to sales, comes from former US President Eisenhower, who described leadership as “the art of getting someone to do something you want them to do because they want to do it.”

Another great definition comes from Peter Drucker, the father of modern management.

Drucker said, “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or getting people to like you. Leadership is defined by results”.

Let’s cover the first definition to help you understand how to be a good sales team leader.

Any business leader who has good potential can simply use their authorities to get their salespeople and subordinates to perform the required tasks.

However, this creates a sense of obligation rather than ambition. Constantly asking your salespeople to do things can create a culture of resentment.

Furthermore, grudgingly performed tasks are unlikely to be performed at the highest level of quality.

Therefore, effective leadership must entail getting your followers to fully commit to the tasks.

Therefore, it is necessary to change this way of acting and managing people. To know how to be a good sales team leader, the manager needs to change his mindset, and begin to see his role within the company in a different way.

Do you want to become a leader, or are you satisfied with the way you’ve been dealing with your employees?

Changing your mindset will help you to have better results, not only with salespeople, but also in other relationships in your daily life. Here’s what to do to become a sales leader.

After all, what makes a sales leader?

Here are the characteristics of a great sales team leader:

#1. Business leaders make data-driven decisions

Sales success is largely a function of results: How much are you selling? Did you sell more than last quarter? Is our company and revenue growing?

All leadership efforts will be nothing if results are somehow not achieved.

That’s why the best sales leaders are also number driven. Attitude is important, but it needs to generate results. For leaders, data is proof of their effectiveness.

So start looking for the metrics in your company that allow you to make stronger decisions based on real data, not just thoughts, ideas or instinct. Without that, there is no way to be a good sales team leader.

When you have current (present) data start to see where you want to grow, and what to do about it.

That way, you can compare salespeople’s efforts with results and know where they’re going. That’s the role of a business leader.

Sales leaders don’t make decisions based on hunches.

#two. Sales leadership requires vision

Although sales management takes place largely on account of sales tactics, being ahead of the trenches.

But on the other hand, sales leadership is more like setting a higher level, the vision of the big picture and the direction that needs to be taken.

They create sales plans, define and communicate sales processes and sales effectiveness metrics, and make sense of the sales primer, which communicate vision, strategy, processes, and tactics.

Salespeople need to know where they are going during their day-to-day sales. And it’s the sales leader who needs to know the right way to communicate that direction.

When the vision is not only understood, but shared by salespeople, results are achieved in a satisfactory manner.

Thus, the sales team leader is able to exploit the best of his team, through brilliant results.

#3. Sales Team Leaders Empower

Finally, sales leaders must empower their sales managers and sales representatives to succeed.

Many directors and vice presidents of sales, considered the top level of leadership in many organizations, often step on their sales managers, preventing them from correctly executing sales tactics.

Sales management is much more about training and getting teams to do their day-to-day tasks so they can sell effectively.

Sales leadership brings out the best in everyone and makes sales team members know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and why to do it.

In this way, when a business leader empowers his followers, they tend to be able to deliver better results.

The manager often micromanages. The leader empowers people with their mission, the vision of what needs to be done and what the company expects from them.

When salespeople are empowered to make their own decisions, and know that they will be held accountable for them, they end up committing more to the results, because they know it is part of their responsibilities too.

Leaders empower your sales team.

Develop the lead salesperson mindset

When you think about the characteristics of a great commercial leader, who not only manages resources, but is seen as a leader, a person who inspires, makes salespeople see things and think differently, the attitude of your sales team changes completely.

An innovative leadership makes a difference. Salespeople know they have someone they can count on, who is as responsible for the results as they are, and that they are all in the same boat.

The leader inspires, shows the way, and gives ideas. The salesperson takes that set of wisdom and processes it as best as possible so that it can be rolled back into results.

In this way, the sales team matures, manages to deliver results and match the indicators, and finally fights the company’s fight as if it were its fight.

If you believe you don’t have the potential to be a sales team leader, forget about it. With the right baggage, anyone can awaken the spirit of a business leader.