self-confidence at work tips

Do you trust your potential and your sales ability? Check out our tips to increase self-confidence at work

Being confident is something we’ve all heard about, over and over again.

There are dozens of written books, seminars, courses, blogs and other activities on the subject on the internet and beyond. Trust is so important that without it, we can’t do our job to the best of our ability.

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9 tips to boost self-confidence at work

When you have confidence, things are so much more fun. And when you have fun, you end up doing amazing things. On the surface, it’s a simple thing: be confident and you’ll do amazing things.

But what if you’re not confident? How to be able to increase your performance and reach your goals and objectives if you are not confident.

This is not an important topic because it is valuable, extremely difficult to achieve. And self-confidence at work is one of the qualities of a good salesperson. Fortunately, there are little things we can do every day to increase our confidence in the sales arena and improve our lives.

Here are some tips that can help you increase your confidence in sales, and thus improve your performance and performance in the commercial area.

self-confidence at work tips

Tips to increase self-confidence at work in a simple way

#1. Engage with suppliers and places wherever you do business

Bargain with the pharmacy clerk. See if you can make her laugh. Praise the restaurant’s wait staff the next time you go to lunch.

Make a habit of getting involved with those people you interact within your daily life. This will help boost your attitude into confident speech and stop being afraid of people. They often don’t bite.

#two. Find opportunities to talk to like-minded people

Think of something you like a lot. It could be strawberries, chocolate cake, pudding, or some hobby you love. Whenever you meet someone who shares your hobby, you’ll talk about it, won’t you?

And that increases self-confidence at work. Everyone has something special they want to share, now it’s time to let things go and share what you like with people who share the same tastes.

Share your hobbies and habits with people who share your habits.

#3. Consider the little things as victories.

If you have a child or have already had a baby, and now have a big child, you know how important small victories are.

When you change the diaper without making a mess, you have a small victory, when you put your baby to sleep, another small victory.

And, you celebrate every little victory, because you are filled with confidence that you can make things happen.

You can do this with anything. When you drink water instead of soda or take the stairs instead of the elevator, it’s a win, in the healthy living department.

Compiling mini-wins in your head is one of the best ways to gain self-confidence at work and achieve even bigger victories. Cultivate small victories and celebrate them.

#4. Practice, practice, practice

Steve Jobs didn’t just take the stage and present the wonderful products that Apple created.

He spent much of his time on eve rehearsing and finding the best way to communicate the story of his wonderful products. Its preparation made the products even better and always left people ecstatic.

Was Steve Jobs confident? Of course yes. He rehearsed dozens of times, then did a final rehearsal on stage, controlling light, slide switch timing, etc.

Building professional self-confidence is the first thing every rep must do. It comes down to the fact that the person with the most authentic confidence has the most influence. This cannot be faked.

#5. Lose the fear of public speaking

The number 1 fear of all human beings? Speak in public. The funny thing is, you either have a deadly fear of public speaking or you’re very comfortable with it – it’s black or white. There is no middle ground.

But, it is possible to overcome that fear, with coaches or networking groups that will help you train yourself and lose your fear of public speaking. As you introduce yourself to others, get their feedback, and learn from other more experienced people, and from others who have already overcome fear, you will feel more and more comfortable in public speaking.

Lose the fear of public speaking by practicing and learning from other professionals.

#6. Read Tony Robbins

This is obvious. The guy has helped Oprah, Bill Clinton, Lance Armstrong and Andre Agassi through some of their lowest career moments.

That said, he could certainly help him. If you’re not familiar, Tony Robbins is a coach, writer of dozens of self-help books, and motivational speaker.

His bestsellers “Unlimited Power” and “Awaken the Giant Within” are classics that absolutely everyone should read at least 1 time.

#7. Ask “what do you mean?” it’s because?” more often

Professional self-confidence comes from understanding and you gain understanding through simple questions. “Like this?” and “why?” are the best sales questions you can ask.

This will help you know how to understand your customers, their challenges and their decisions.

#8. Get a yes at the start of conversations

Any sale or negotiation requires a series of yeses strung together, so start with an easy one.

You can start by asking the question: mind if I ask a questionI’m willing to bet that 99.9% of all people who were questioned agreed.

Be an investor listener by exhibiting curiosity and asking open-ended questions. When you start with a yes, things are in your favor, and it means that you and your potential customer are aligned in the beginning.

Get a yes from your customers at the start of your conversations.

#9. Strive to greet other people more often

There is no better way to build your own confidence than to take those around you and often learn to see the goodness in others.

This will help you to see the good in yourself. Think about it in conversations and be honest when sharing compliments, as your authenticity will show quickly. Stronger personal relationships will make you more confident in yourself.

EXTRA TIP: be organized and have more professional self-confidence

Knowing exactly when your appointments will occur can make you more confident. After all, you will make sure you are not forgetting anything.

For this, use productivity applications such as a CRM that sends you alerts by email and text messages reminding you of all your appointments.

Follow these tips and increase your professional self-confidence power

People trust more who trust themselves. That’s because you don’t just have to be trustworthy, you need to feel confident.

When your posture, language and behavior inspire confidence, people believe in you more.

If you don’t believe you do your job well, increase your trust load, trust yourself more, and you’ll find that your potential customers will do the same.