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How do you control your trading performance? Are you a fan of new technologies, or are you still using the same notebook and spreadsheets you used 20 years ago?

Nothing against spreadsheets. For many, many years they were the greatest resource a sales team had to control its performance, the sales process and the stage of the funnel each customer was at.

But using technology in favor of the good performance of your commercial area, adopting a CRM system and automating routine sales activities, can increase results and strengthen your sales potential.

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5 reasons to use management software in a company’s commercial area

But today, there are simpler and more effective ways for you to control your business process, increase productivity and decrease your efforts.

On the other hand, not everyone believes that automation tools have come to make life easier for the seller.

Many professionals believe that any kind of automation is a waste of time and that a system will require a lot more work than the old controls.

Some companies have business analysts whose task is simply to transfer data from sales spreadsheets to CRM software, such is the resistance of some professionals to change.

But with large companies needing to cut costs and remain profitable, it is imperative to improve the performance of the entire business area of ​​a company.

If you are one of the professionals who until then were reluctant to abandon spreadsheets, and productivity is no incentive for you, we have some more data that can help you change your mind.

Is organizing your sales information in spreadsheets a good way to organize information?

#1. You can make more accurate decisions

The spreadsheet is an x-ray of your past, present, and forecasts. Unless you have time to manually update it with new data, you risk it quickly becoming obsolete.

The problem is compounded when sales teams use different versions of the same spreadsheet. As a result, their efficiency and productivity suffer.

Contrary to what you imagined, it’s not your CRM that takes your time with useless resources, it’s precisely your spreadsheet that makes you lose time while you should organize your business opportunities with a few clicks.

A CRM system used in the commercial area of ​​a company instantly updates information and avoids the problem of data obsolescence.

You get a comprehensive view of your business any time you need it, and you can make more accurate decisions based on your totality of customers and the entirety of your business. Two. You have a high-quality sales forecast

When you move your sales data into a system, you can instantly access information such as the number of calls needed to meet a goal, effectiveness of a sales campaign, responses received, turnover, and the number of customers who bought.

In other words, an automation system allows the commercial area of ​​a company to have answers with a few clicks, without having to search for data and more data in totally unproductive spreadsheets and tables.

When you opt for spreadsheets, the quality of your forecasts will certainly increase just because you switch to a CRM system.

An automation system is the best alternative for faithful sales forecasts.

#3. You can plan with excellence

Spreadsheets will not notify you of upcoming meetings and events.

Mapping out your next action to a prospect or customer will be time-consuming, requiring a series of phone calls, emails, and meetings on top of meetings.

With an automation system, you can see and review your activities (past and future) and tackle future actions with the click of a button.

#4. You bring your work closer to reality

In addition to being an easier tool to be used by salespeople in the commercial area of ​​a company, an automation system will also help the sales manager to have a real picture of the performance of his team.

So, everyone wins the salesperson gains time, greater control and clarity over their business.

And the manager ends up gaining a global and panoramic view of the businesses that are being developed and implemented by his sales team.

With an updated system and concrete and real information, every manager can help his team and earn more, in addition to acting as a true leader, closely following the work of his team.

A CRM system brings you closer to the reality of what is happening.

#5. You keep the continuity

While spreadsheets are personal and individual to any salesperson, an automation platform is something collaborative.

Generally, the only professional who can make your table understandable is the one who manipulates and/or created it, since not everyone organizes their ideas in the same way.

An automation system, on the other hand, was made with the best practices to integrate the greatest number of resources while you save time using it, since everything is intentional and dynamic.

In addition, the commercial area of ​​a company is able to continue the relationship with its customers, prospects and potential customers. After all, it’s not because a customer hasn’t bought from you that they fail to become a potential customer.

A system will allow you to follow your customers throughout their journey, and even schedule alarms, alerts and other activities so that they are always on your radar.

This is very important for you to have a long-term relationship with your prospects.

How about breaking old habits

If you are committed to continuous improvement, you should know that you must be open to new ideas, concepts and especially productivity tools.

CRM is an automation tool for the commercial area of ​​a company that does not only make its commercial process more efficient. It will make your life more dynamic, and it will help you save time while yielding more.

You may find it too bureaucratic at first, but remember that this is just the right way to do things.

And don’t worry about your data and information. They are inviolable and no one will steal them from you. We know that your customers are the greatest asset you have, and that’s why you ensure the security of your information.

But the CRM system in the company is a completely reliable product. Your information is protected and no one will take it from you.