Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, don’t be discouraged by failures and obstacles, be self-confident and proactive, and be responsible for your actions. These are some of the key skills of today’s successful salesperson.

It is common to hear stories of successful professionals in their areas of expertise who tell how much they had to struggle to achieve their goals and how they failed several times before getting it right.

Despite this, people don’t get out of the habit of associating success with luck or fate. But what reality shows is that, more than the power of chance, what makes individuals successful in their careers is what many call “stamina.

Understand better the “Stamina Package” and understand how it can stimulate the best attitudes of the successful salesperson.

What is the Stamina Pack and why can it be an advantage for the successful seller?

A stamina Pack can be defined as a set of physical or mental forces that make a person have stamina, persist in what they are doing and overcome obstacles in front of them. In the commercial scenario, we can understand it as a package of skills and attitudes of the successful salesperson.

Want an example of stamina?

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the book eating, praying, and loving, says that, since she was a child, she always knew that she wanted to be a writer. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, she wrote and, after college, continued to write, trying to get her stories published. For six years, all he got was rejection letters.

How did she manage to keep her creativity alive and keep trying to reach her goal? Stamina! She deeply knew that her passion was writing and that she needed to keep doing it. She was not shaken by criticism, did not give up and used the adversity in her favor, to feed her will to win and to improve even more.

And that goes for any area – including the commercial area of ​​a company. So, to be part of a high-performance team, you need to have stamina. It is necessary to know that making mistakes and being rejected is part of the way. Furthermore, it is important to understand that adversity is an opportunity to evolve.

Below, you’ll learn about the four key skills in the stamina package that can help you build a successful salesperson profile.

How to be a successful salesperson? The four essential characteristics

A survey conducted by Inc. magazine with the 500 fastest growing companies in the United States identified the main attributes of successful entrepreneurs.

The list is interesting for those who work in the commercial area because, according to Raul Candelabra and Marcelo Caetano, VendaMais directors, the aforementioned skills match what they advocate as an advanced sales methodology. This is ideal for the changing landscape that our economy has been going through.

Among the characteristics identified, experts point to four as the main ones. Together, they form the complete “Stamina Pack”—with key skills for the successful salesperson. Are they:

1 – Enthusiasm

Successful sellers make rational and conscientious risk management decisions. They know that there is no such thing as zero risks, but risk management. “This can be applied, for example, to prospecting for customers. Prospecting is a risk, we never know if it will work, but we have to see it as an opportunity. Risk is an opportunity”, highlights Candelabra.

2 – Determination

A successful salesperson has a strong work ethic to confront and overcome obstacles, not getting discouraged or giving up on failures or setbacks. “When something he wanted to work doesn’t work, the successful salesperson sees it as an opportunity for learning, for improvement, and this encourages him to continue”, explains Candelabra.

3 – Self-confidence

Having confidence in your ability to make things happen is another quality of high performance sales professionals. “Here, there is a lot of reactiveness and the initiative of not waiting for someone to order something you know should be done”, emphasizes Candelabra.

4 – Independence

Furthermore, successful salespeople are able to make decisions on their own. This is very much linked to the issue of self-confidence.

These professionals handle several tasks well at the same time and have a high sense of responsibility. “The person does not blame the market, the customer, the processes, etc. She takes responsibility for herself and thinks: what can I do differently?” says Candelabra.

Risk = opportunity

In addition to the four skills mentioned above, a successful salesperson needs to be able to see an opportunity in risk. “Only those who are able to deal with the chance of something not working well can work well with the risk, with the chance of getting frustrated throughout the process”, comments Caetano.

He details that the absence of this feature can be reflected in the company’s results. “In prospecting, for example, if with each failure the seller reduces the risks in the next activities, he will stop prospecting customers who are really of the company’s profile and start looking for smaller customers because his capacity to deal with the risk is different. Smaller”, he reflects.

Prospecting focused on stamina

Caetano emphasizes that leaders can and should identify these four skills – enthusiasm, determination, self-confidence and independence – when hiring a salesperson. “If you recruit wrong, these four qualities will rarely be developed, as they are personality traits,” he points out.

But the specialist warns that the lack of these qualities in the team is often caused by the leader himself. He explains that many managers like to babysit salespeople, like to think that professionals need them. “They accept themselves in this position and do nothing to get out of it”, he reinforces.

Caetano also adds that leaders can manage the team with a goal and control up to a certain point. After that, there needs to be trust between the manager and the team. Thus, the leader can let professionals act alone. “Clearly, these four skills are completely outside management by goal and control. It’s not enough to just give people knowledge and train them about the product. These are characteristics she brings with her. If you don’t look for these qualities in the recruiting process, you’ll have to continue being the team’s nanny”, he points out.

Finally, the VendaMais director advises: if you don’t want your life as a sales manager to be like that, you have to have people on your team who are different, who have these four characteristics. “When the team has these skills, we no longer have a leader babysitting, but a manager guiding the professionals. There is, then, a change in the profile of the sellers and also of the leadership”, he adds.

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